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SF Belt

Closed mesh balanced belt made by alternating spirals twisting to the left and to the right, interconnected by three or more transversal bars (crossbars) inserted in a single spiral.

The wire of the spiral can be round or laminated in order to obtain a flat surface, while the wire of the crossbar is round. It is suitable to convey even small parts. The passage of air is almost zero, and the belt is moved by interference with the drive roller.
It is linear and stable during operation mode and has an excellent tensile strength. It is used in cold and humid working environments and at high temperatures according to the type of steel of which it is made. This belt can be made in a wide variety of meshes and with different wire diameters.
It can be equipped with side chains. See SFC Belt.

Technical Data

Width: from 35 to 6000 mm
Mesh Pitch: from 3,6X4,75 to 12,5X8 mm
Round Spiral Wire: from Ø 0,7 mm to Ø 3,4 mm
Flat Spiral Wire: from 1,2×0,7 mm to 3×2 mm
Ø Crossbar Wire: from 1 to 4 mm


Carbon Steel
Galvanized Carbon Steel
Copper-plated Mild Carbon Steel
Cr 3%
C 20
C 40
AISI 304
AISI 304 L
AISI 310
AISI 314
AISI 316
AISI 316 L
AISI 316 Ti
AISI 321
AISI 330 Nb
AISI 430
NiCr 80/20
Inconel 600
Inconel 601


It distributes the heat uniformly, and it is used in continuous tunnel furnaces that require a significant thermal mass, both in the bakery food sector and in the metallurgical sector in environments with temperatures up to 1150°C.

Oven food cooking
Bakery tunnel ovens
Metal heat treatment lines
Metal heat treatment
Bread toasting
Surface treatment


Side plates

Lifters / Drivers

Available Edges

Welded edges and bent sides

Welded edges with side plates

Welded edges


Food Industry
Pharma Industry
Heat Treatment
Other Applications